Acute Disease – Symptoms, Types and Cure

What is Acute Disease

The diseases which have a sudden and abrupt start due to infections and lasts for a short period of time, but have severe effects on body are termed as acute diseases. This is totally different from chronic diseases which have long lasting effects. The names of disease may be same in both the types of conditions but the effects usually differ. For example in acute asthma is a sudden asthma attack which occurs amidst the condition of chronic asthma, the long lasting and almost incurable disease. Similarly acute leukemia is a sudden attack in the condition of chronic leukemia. The word acute refers to the immediate condition of any disease such as any accident or attack of any disease.

Acute Disease

Symptoms and Cure of Acute Diseases-

Acute diseases, depending upon the types of the diseases have different symptoms. Asthma problem may be for the first time, can lead to chronic condition if not treated properly. The symptoms may include sudden attack of asthma. Similarly people, who are alcoholic, have symptoms of intoxication. The acute alcoholism symptoms include neuromuscular disturbances. A very common acute disease is appendicitis, in which patients suffer from sudden vomiting and pain in the right lower abdomen. These types of disease can only be treated by surgeries. A broken bone is always an acute disease at initial stage which causes severe pain and requires surgical treatment immediately.

acute disease meaning

Types of Acute Diseases-

Any medical emergency, from simple cough to severe accident related problems are termed as acute diseases at initial stages. Some of acute disease types include:-

  • Acute Respiratory Syndrome- It is a severe flu-like condition in which the patients suffer from severe headache and fever. Sometimes the disease can be cured by antibiotics and sometimes it can lead to chronic breathing problems.
  • Acute leukemia of Lymphocytic– This is a very serious and rapidly growing cancer. The disease develops in the bone marrow in which immature lymphocyte cells replace the mature ones which need immediate treatment otherwise it can develop into chronic disease. If the acute leukemia patients are not treated well in time, then it can lead to sudden death.
  • Acute Bronchitis- It is very similar to common cold in which patients suffer from fever and breathe related problems. Common causes of acute bronchitis include air pollution and fungus. The patients usually suffer from cold, cough, fever, breathing problems and sudden chilly attack. Simple antibiotics can easily cure acute bronchitis, provided the patients take proper rest.
  • Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis- This is the most severe type of acute disease, in which the patients suffer from headache, weakness in body and even visual weakness. This disease directly attacks the immune system of the body which can lead to various side effects. In some cases symptoms inflammation in the brain and spinal column have also been witnessed.


Some other acute disease include simple cold, flu, acute sinusitis, bladder and ear infection, Most of the acute diseases get treated itself with time provided it is not related to broken body parts. Such illnesses include cough, cold and even sleeplessness. And the diseases which need medicines are mostly over the counter drugs.

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