The Effectual Concept of Chronic Diseases

Said to be long lasting disease condition, Chronic Diseases are the ones that tends to multiply. Such diseases can be controlled; but not cured completely in any case. Affecting the population worldwide, these chronic diseases have turned out to be life-threatening in various ways. It creates a difficult situation for the patient to come out of the dark well; though, the related medication allows them to survive in the well. Talking about United States of America, Chronic Diseases have been the major cause of deaths and disabilities among people. Understanding the hazardous nature of the diseases, the preventive measures have also been invented that allows for controlling its the worsening effects.

As a costly affair to manage, many of the chronic diseases are preventable with treatments that have whooping prices. But, the biggest problem with these forms of diseases is that they are to be subsided for some time with the effect of the medicine. This also helps in controlling their bad effect on the overall health. Ideally, the magic is all about knowing the type of chronic diseases and contacting the doctor for getting the suitable remedial process. The main aim of such procedures is to manage the diseases efficiently, controlling its multiplication and helping the people to survive in different cases. Certainly, many of the chronic diseases are easily handled; while, a couple of others tends to drag the patient to his or her death. These diseases have the power to put adverse effect on any part of the body, resulting in loss of life.

1. Cancer:

Known as a life-threatening disease, it happens to start because of the damage in DNA. Generally, as a part of the development of cancer cells, the damaged DNA is not subsided. As the result of that the cell does not die as needed and tends to develop newer cells that are not needed by the body.  Such growth of cells leads to the formation of Mass or a lump inside the body called as tumour. It is quite possible that the tumour might not be cancerous. The one called benign falls in this category; while, the cancerous tumour is said to be known as malign. Ideally, the treatment calls for surgical removal of the tumour. And if the tumour is Malignant or cancerous; there is a need to take up Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy as per the severity of the cancerous tumour detected. After getting the complete treatment done, there is a need for the patient to take up medical check up for detecting the recurrence of cancerous cells.

2. Arthritis:

A group of disease concerned with the degeneration of bones and creating chronic pain in the joints of the body like shoulder, hand, knees, heels and even fingers. As a part of this disease, stiffness of the joints takes place that happens to last more than 3 months. In this factor, more than 60 percent of the women have these diseases and maximum number of old aged people has varied forms of arthritis like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, gout, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The only treatment is medication coupled with some exercises for controlling because this disease is incurable and risk of getting it increases with age.

3. Asthma:

Known as the chronic disease of lungs, asthma is seen more often in children than adults. Though, there is no permanent cure for this disease; still, it can be treatment and controlled with the proper dietary care and the medications. In order to exercise control over it, a small filled with medication is kept by the patients. Indeed, it is quite a life threatening diseases causing deaths quite often. This requires thorough check up by the doctor on regular intervals and avoids exerting too much in any case.

4. Cardiovascular diseases:

Affecting the heart and the circulatory systems, these diseases takes place because of the reduction in blood flow. This further happens because of the fact that the arteries get thickened and hardened enough to block the supply of pure blood to the heart. This may lead to Angina pain in the start and a heart attack later on. And the ultimate result of this disease is death. But, there are certain medications that can reduce the thickness level of arteries, opening passage for the blood flow. With the help of medication and control over the diet, palpitation of the heart can be kept under control.

5. Diabetes:

Considered as a troublesome disease in many people at varied ages, it is concerned with stoppage in the production of insulin in the body that is needed to give it energy. Basically, a human requires ample amount of insulin in the body to generate energy for working daily. And this happens with the intake of right amount of balanced diet. It is well known that without the presence of insulin in the body, the sugar remains in the body and is not used by the cells to produce energy. Basically, the patients having high or low sugar levels find it really difficult in getting their wounds heeled on time. In order to control it, the patients are given insulin injections on regular intervals and specialized medications meant to keep the sugar level under control.

6. Alzheimer’s Disease:

Known to be a progressive as well as degenerative disorder, Alzheimer’s disease tends to attack the brain. This may result in disorientation coupled with impaired memory, disability to think properly and judge the things around them. The patients suffering from Alzheimer’s also experience behavioural changes. Its symptoms typically expand gradually and get worse with the passage of time. This may become brutal enough to stop the person from doing daily tasks and the combination of these symptoms is also called dementia.

Final Words

The problem with the chronic diseases is that they are too hazardous to handle and happen to multiply soon than one can think of finding the suitable treatment to control it. So, it is extremely important to stay strict with the maintenance of health by getting regular checkups for the diseases occurred. Even not engulfed with any of the chronic diseases, it is recommended to have full body check up once in a year to say healthy and disease free.

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