What Is Cyst in Breast Means? Causes, Types, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Breast Cyst seems to be like lump but it is actually a sac filled with fluid present inside the breast. It sis benign which means it does not spread to other parts of the body. Women can have one cyst in her breast or many cysts in the breast. This can be soft or firm. Cyst is not dangerous but they can be painful. Cyst can become tender or enlarged during periods. Cyst once developed stay in the same size. There are very cysts that keep on growing on shrinking. This occurs at an age between 35-50 during the menopause time.

Causes Cyst in Breast

Breast consists of glandular tissues, which are arranged like petals of daisy flower. These lobes are the one which help in creating milk during pregnancy for breast feeding. Breast cyst occurs due to accumulation of fluid in the glands. The main causes for cyst in breast can be

  1. Hormonal Changes during mensuration Cycle
  2. Excess Estrogen in body

Although exact cause is not known for the cyst in the breast but this can be a cause for the formation of cyst in the breast.

cyst in breast symptoms
cyst in breast symptoms

Types Of Cyst in the breast

  1. Microcyst: -They are small in size and may be diagnosed during the test like mammography.
  2. Macrocysts: -these are large in size and can grow upto 1-2 inches in diameter. As they are large in size they put pressure on the breast tissue which can cause pain in the breast.

Symptoms Cyst in Breast

  1. A smooth oval or round shaped breast lump with distant edges which is movable
  2. Breast Pain
  3. Tenderness in the area of lump
  4. Increase Lump size and tenderness just before your period
  5. Decrease In lump size after your periods
  6. Discharge of some fluid from nipple.

Prepare yourself before you consult your doctor

  • All the symptoms which are you would have felt in recent days or times.
  • Your lifestyle
  • Medications if your are taking.

What you should Ask Doctor?

*Causes of your symptoms

*Test that you may need to undergo

*Treatment which I used Opt for

*Side effects of the treatment

What Doctor may ask you?

  • When You find this lump
  • Have you had a previously had a breast cyst.
  • Your Family history
  • Any nipple discharge
  • Do you breast pain?
Diagnosis and tests for Cyst in Breast
Diagnosis and tests for Cyst in Breast

Diagnosis and tests for Cyst in Breast

For diagnosis you have to undergo few tests, which are

  1. Breast Examination: – In your breast is physically examined by a doctor to check the lump.
  2. Breast Ultrasound: – Breast Ultrasound help to determine whether the lump is a solid mass or is it fluid filled. If it fluid filled then it is likely to be a cyst or if it a solid mass then it can be noncancerous lump
  3. Fine Needle Aspiration: – In this test doctor inserts a needle in to breast to remove the fluid from the breast. It is usually done after ultrasound so that the exact place of the lump is known for the needle test. If In this test fluid comes out then the doctor can make the breast cyst diagnosis immediately depending upon the following
  • If the fluid is not bloody then you don’t require any further test or treatment
  • If the fluid is bloody then the fluid is send to lab for some more tests.
  • If no fluid comes out then doctor suggest you to go for ultrasound or mammography test.

Cyst in Breast Treatment

Usually breast cyst does not require treatment until and less it becomes painful and uncomfortable. Treat may involve

  1. Fine needle aspiration: – In this treatment doctors removes the fluid from the breast then your breast lump disappear. This process you may to undergo again if the cyst is formed again. They are likely to reoccur.
  2. Usage of birth control pills can help you in regular mensuration cycle, which reduces re-occurrence of breast cyst. These are not recommended much because it has its no side effect. It is opted only in the severe case.
  3. Surgery: – It is done only many cyst reoccurs every month. This is done very rarely.
Cyst in Breast Treatment
Cyst in Breast Treatment


*Wear well fitted bras which supports your breast properly

*Avoid Caffeine:- though there is no link between these two but it is good to avoid caffeine

* Reduction of salt in your diet this helps in less fluid retainement.

Cyst in Breast Prevention: –

We can prevent cyst from occurrence with the help of following:-

  1. Practicing Good Health
  2. Avoid certain medications
  3. Eating A balanced diet
  4. Taking necessary Vitamins and supplements
  5. Doing Exercise
  6. Avoiding Stress

Breast cyst can vary person to person and its treatment differs depending upon the size, symptoms and many more factors are to be considered. Prevention can be taken but this may help you to avoid cyst formation. Your will power works best for any disease. If it is normal cyst then you may not undergo any medications but make sure you consult your doctor and undergo tests to assure that you are not having cyst in breast.


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